Periodontal Disease Treatment – Leesburg, VA

Sensitive Gums

Despite all the attention that cavities receive, periodontal disease (also called gum disease) is actually the most common dental problem in the US and the world. According to the CDC, approximately 50% of the US adult population currently has a mild form of it. If you notice sensitive, swollen, or bleeding gums, be sure to visit All Smiles Leesburg right away. Our periodontal disease treatments in Leesburg, VA can get your oral and overall health back on track right away while also improving your daily comfort.

Why Choose All Smiles Leesburg for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

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Scaling & Root Planing

Man with healthy smile after scaling and root planing periodontal therapy

This type of periodontal treatment is a special “deep” cleaning that is used to successfully manage gum disease. While moderate to severe gum disease cannot be reversed, it can be prevented from worsening. Undergoing periodontal treatment as recommended by your dental professional can help preserve the overall health of your teeth and gums.

What is Gum Disease?

Animated smile with zoomed in bacteria representing gum disease

As we eat and drink throughout the day, a bacterial film called plaque forms on the surface of the teeth. Regular brushing and flossing ensure that plaque is removed from the surface of the teeth and gums.

If proper hygiene is not practiced and the plaque is allowed to remain on the surface of the teeth, a rock-hard bacterial substance known as tartar is formed. Tartar cannot simply be removed with brushing or flossing; it must be professionally removed with dental tools.

If left unattended, the bacteria begin to multiply and cause damage to the teeth and gums. Over time, the patient faces the risk of:

  • Loose teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Pain, swelling, and bleeding in gums
  • Increased risk of heart disease and heart attack
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Increased risk of diabetes

What To Expect During Periodontal Treatment

Man smiling during periodontal treatment

To begin your periodontal treatment, your dentist or hygienist will first ensure that you are completely numbed with local anesthesia to minimize discomfort, as parts of the cleaning will be conducted beneath the gum line. It is imperative that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

All signs of plaque and tartar will then be removed from both above and below the gumline. Depending on the progression of your condition, antibiotics may be placed beneath your gums to discourage bacterial growth, and the status of your condition will be checked and noted. You will then typically be asked to return in about three months for your next checkup and periodontal cleaning.