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Do you have questions about any of the dental services that we offer? Are you wondering how you can maintain great at-home oral hygiene? Our team wants to make sure that you have all of the information necessary to keep your grin healthy for a lifetime. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions that we receive from our patients for your convenience.

How often should I change out my toothbrush?

It’s recommended that you change out either the head of your toothbrush or your manual toothbrush once every three months, whenever you notice the bristles begin to fray, or after you get sick. This will prevent the accumulation and spread of harmful oral bacteria from the bristles to your mouth.

Do you offer children’s dentistry?

Yes! Dr. McBryde has years of experience treating children and helping them have fun and positive dental experiences. Our team offers several kid-friendly treatments, including dental sealants and tooth-colored fillings, so you can make sure your little one’s smile stays protected and healthy.

Is it really necessary to get dental X-rays every six months?

Dental X-rays are a very important part of routine checkups, because they allow our team to diagnose problems that would otherwise be completely hidden, like impacted wisdom teeth, infections, and cavities located between the teeth. By taking regular X-ray images, we’re able to diagnose and treat these problems quickly if they ever develop, helping us keep your smile in tip-top shape.

Are dental implants the best tooth replacement option?

While dental implants are an incredibly impressive restorative solution due to their natural look and feel, they’re not always the best option for every patient. During your tooth loss consultation, Dr. McBryde will examine your teeth and gums and help you determine which restorative treatment is best for your unique needs and situation. Based on that, you’ll be able to choose what procedure to move forward with.

Will my dental insurance cover Invisalign treatment?

While it’s not incredibly common that dental insurance companies extend benefits to Invisalign, it is possible. We want you to save as much money as possible getting your smile straightened, which is why our team is happy to check your benefits for you to determine whether Invisalign will be covered. If it isn’t, we also offer additional financing through CareCredit or a 20% off discount if you’re enrolled in our in-house membership plan.

Do dentures look noticeably fake?

Not at all! We craft our dentures from high-quality, customizable materials that look completely natural, even when they’re located right next to your home-grown teeth!

How often should I visit the dentist?

In most cases, your periodic dental exams and cleaning appointments should be carried out every six months. Patients who have been diagnosed with gum disease will typically be asked to return to have their teeth examined and cleaned every three to four months; because of the invasive nature of this condition, a closer eye must be kept on the patient’s dental health, and “deep” cleanings known as scaling and root planings must be done more regularly to prevent the condition from worsening.

What happens during my dental cleaning?

When you arrive for your dental cleaning in Leesburg, you can expect the following:

  • If necessary, periodic checkup X-rays will be taken
  • Any changes in your medical history will be discussed and recorded
  • The doctor or hygienist will work to remove all signs of plaque or tartar on the surface of the teeth
  • A protective layer of fluoride will be applied to the surface of the teeth to help strengthen and remineralize the protective outer layer of enamel
  • The health of your teeth and gums will be thoroughly checked
  • If any damage or decay is detected, your treatment plan will be developed and your options will be thoroughly discussed with you

Taking a proactive approach to your oral health is always best; attending your regular dental exam and cleaning appointments helps ensure that you are maintaining the best oral health possible.

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